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Hello and welcome to Rascals and Princesses

I am Machteld Lintermans, the woman behind Rascals and Princesses. Since a young age, I have always loved reading. Books were my favourite gifts and my passion has kept on growing. Over the past five years I have been responsible for the children’s books section in a large book shop. Now it is time for my next step. With Rascals and Princesses I am fulfilling my big dream: my own book shop, specialised in children’s literature. I believe quality is of great importance and I would love to share my expertise with all of you.

Children’s books are often small works of art. Authors and illustrators put all their creativity and fantasy into them. These little pearls deserve a show window. It has also often been suggested that reading aloud to children is essential for their development. And even when they grow older, reading remains important for children and teenagers. It opens up their worlds.

That is why you can find a wide range of books on our website. Not only books that have been published recently, but also the classics that we grew up with ourselves and that we would all love to pass on to our children. In addition, I selected some less obvious books wich I would like you to discover. Books that I have a soft spot for: my little book hearts.  

The highlights or challenges in a child’s life also receive the necessary attention: having a little brother or sister, going on the potty, the first day at school, school bullying, a hospital stay, divorce, death, … The right book can be of great help to parents and children to better deal with these events.

Among my own family and friends I notice how parents have to juggle their time more and more often. Finding the right balance between your job and your family requires a lot of organisation and takes up lots of valuable time. At Rascals and Princesses you can shop at any time of day. You can nose around in peace. And if you need any help choosing a book, you can use the helpful online shop assistant or simply send me an e-mail with your question.

I really look forward to your reactions and your reading experiences. If you want to share them, please feel free to write a review about a book. In this way you can help and inspire other visitors. Active interaction is important for the further development of Rascals and Princesses. That is why I welcome all suggestions and feedback via facebook, twitter or e-mail .

I would like to share my passion and my dream with all of you.

Have lots of fun reading!

Machteld Lintermans