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ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a worldwide unique identification assigned to every published book and associated products. It makes it possible to save and retrieve books easily in computer databases of libraries and bookshops, for example. 

From 1 January 2007 an ISBN consists of 13 instead of 10 digits. This makes the ISBN equal to the barcode. You will usually find the ISBN number in the colophon, on the first page of a book (with the publisher’s details) or above the barcode on the back cover.

It is important to use the correct ISBN for orders. The same book may exist in hardcover and pocket size. The different designs are each assigned a different ISBN number. The same applies for picture books which also exist in cardboard editions. Therefore, make sure not to exchange ISBN numbers.

If you want to order a book by means of an ISBN number, make sure to verify whether it is correct.On this site all books contain the product information, including ISBN and edition of the book in question. So you can rest assured that you are ordering the right book.

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